Utopia and Fever Dream

Local playwright Shaid Iqbal Khan has specially written two poems which have been filmed and performed by Nohail Mohammed.

Fever Dream

"FeverDream came from my observation of the changes in mood -of my family, colleagues, friends - depending on the government announcement of the day.  When the announcement of vaccine approval came in November, the relief was palpable. There was an uptick in energy in the way people spoke. Much of it was subconscious.

"FeverDream is about how the body reacts to optimism or good news. The posture improves, thoughts gain clarity, speech rhythms start to dance."


"Utopia is a more reflective piece. I use the form of iambic pentameter to explore a memory and the moments in current affairs that trigger that memory. But I hope it also conveys the ambiguity of memory, the grey zone where you want to give someone the benefit of the doubt."