The Booth

Any brides wedding day is enough to bring on nerves, the mixing of families, the emotions, THE SPEECHES! Let alone when you have a clash of not two, but three cultures.

Shazia has spent much of her life keeping these elements separate, but what happens when you simply can’t keep the Egyptian family away from the Guinness guzzling Irish? Or the scantily clad Wiganers getting their wiggle on? Well, the day she’s been dreading arrives.

We go with Shazia on this epic journey; will she micromanage every minute or will she just let go and enjoy?

This monologue written and performed by Shamia Chalabi is from the perspective of Shamia’s family experiences and the imagined events of her future possible wedding. Being from Wigan, with an Irish partner and Muslim Egyptian family, it’s a day she thinks about more than she should!