News Story

To celebrate Eid at the Octagon we are looking for creative facilitators, artists and practitioners to deliver workshops in April.

We are looking for artists to develop and run storytelling and craft workshops for families and young people. We are also looking for artists to deliver a poetry workshop for adults.

This opportunity is open to creative facilitators who can demonstrate inclusive and imaginative creative practice to inspire participants. We want artists with a good understanding of Eid traditions who can create and deliver a workshop linked to these.

It is an opportunity to create artwork which will be displayed across the Octagon as part of our Eid celebrations. Dates and times will be confirmed and agreed with artists involved.

Workshops will last around 90 minutes and the artist fee will be £100 per workshop.

If you have any questions or are interested in this opportunity please contact with an expression of interest sharing relevant experience and contact details by Wed 31 January.

Interviews will take place on Tuesday 6 February.