Annual report

Here you can find our latest 3 annual reports for our organisation to find out more about us and the work that we do in depth.

Highlights from the 2014/15 report:

  • During the run of Alice in Wonderland we were delighted to offer our first ever relaxed performance, which were attended by over 350 people. Alyson Woodhouse joined us as Assistant Director for two productions. Aly has Cortical Blindness, meaning the Sight Centre in her brain is missing. As far as we know, Aly is the first blind person to train in this role on a professional production in this way
  • 78,067 people attended an Octagon production during 2014/15, an increase of 1,136 from 2013/14
  • 21,466 young people participated on an Octagon activity including concession tickets to see a performance and youth projects
  • The Octagon contributes £5M to the economy. This is £5.76 for every £1 of public investment

Download the reports below for more information about the work that we do in our theatre and across the community.