Octagon Theatre Podcast

We are thrilled to launch a new podcast to give audiences a chance to go behind the scenes.

The podcast promises to keep listeners up to date with the Octagon’s activities, make careers in the theatre sector more transparent and celebrate what’s going on in Bolton and the North West.

In the 4 part mini-series, hosts Lotte Wakeham (Artistic Director) and Alex Joynes (Creative Engagement Coordinator) will interview 4 special guests who have a link to the Octagon: actor Amy Nuttall, performer/composer Maimuna Memon, playwright Jim Cartwright and actor Marc Small. Along the way, Lotte and Alex will be answering listeners’ questions, sharing advice about careers in theatre, and giving recommendations of things to read, watch and listen to.  

Episode 1 - Amy Nuttall

Episode 1 - Amy Nuttall

Join us for our very first Octagon Theatre Podcast. In this episode, we'll talk to star of stage and screen, Amy Nuttall.