About The Bolton Mislaid Comedy History Walking Tour

A textiles boomtown, a royalist stronghold, one of the first market towns of the north and the happiest people in the UK - Bolton is brimming with interesting history. But what of comedy history? Surely the place has turned out too many footballers to have also produced some notable comedians?

Well, historian André Vincent proves the nay-sayers wrong, taking you on a walk of the town while chronicling the comedy moments of days gone by: city landmarks associated with major events which have gradually been lost to public consciousness and daily passers-by. Over time, accidents and flukes have developed the industry into bigger and better things but many of the original details have faded from collective memory.

André will open a treasure trove of secrets and expose many astonishing comedy facts. Discover Mr Geoghegan, probably the first-ever Music Hall Chairman, and local lass Hylda Baker whose coat shoulders were constantly shredded. Find out why so many Bolton entertainers have the surname ‘Kay’, and how a local comedian’s actions led to South Africa’s apartheid.

This is not just a trek around the city to share in its concealed comedy inventory. It’s also time in the company of a comedy history expert who is as thrilled and delighted by the insights and quirky stories he has uncovered about the sites that changed UK comedy forever.

The tour will start at the Octagon Theatre. The building will be open from 11am on Sat 13 Jul and 2pm on Sun 14 Jul.