About Wonderland In Alice

In a collaboration with Christopher Tendai Company, CTC

Ready to fall down the rabbit hole?

Wonderland In Alice is a brand new musical that re-imagines Lewis Caroll’s classic tale of self-discovery and escapism. In a world of ‘No Rules. No Time. No Binary’ what will this brand new world reveal to Alice?

As a timeless coming-of-age story, this new version explores Alice in a non-binary world, as a non-binary character. With no rules, there’s no preconceptions or societal expectations for Alice or the other playful characters they meet… only self-authenticity and discovery.

This new musical will transport you through an other-wordly synth feel, which draws inspiration from classic musical theatre and electro pop, taking you on a journey to Wonderland and beyond.

BYMT are the largest commissioners of new music theatre in the UK. Their alumni includes Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Charlotte Ritchie, Dean Johnson, Grace Mouat, Jamie Muscato, Amara Okereke, Mei Mac and Bradley Jaden.

In a collaboration with Christopher Tendai Company, CTC.