We are always open to hearing from freelancers looking to join our production department for short or fixed term contracts across our large output of produced work. We currently work with freelancers across our entire production department, including technical, wardrobe, and production management. Longer term contracts within our department will be advertised widely online and on our website.

In October 2020 we joined the organisation Stage Sight, which promotes diversity in off stage roles. stagesight.org

To get in touch, please email over a quick hello and your CV to chris.whitwood@octagonbolton.co.uk

Your details will be stored in our database and we will be in touch should you be considered for upcoming work.

We are proud to employ over 140 freelancers per year across our organisation, and demonstrate a commitment to working with freelancers from the local regions.

If you’d like to find out more about what kind of roles we tend to work with over the year, and the skills we value please feel welcome to get in touch, chris.whitwood@octagonbolton.co.uk