Main Stage

Our flexible main stage can be set up in the following configurations: end-on, traverse, thrust or in-the-round. When operating at full capacity, the theatre can seat between 300-400 people.

Please enquire for a tech spec.


When operating at full capacity, our brand new studio space can seat up to 100 people. Given that the space is new, we have no concrete programming policy for visiting companies yet. However, if you’ve got a small scale show which you think could visit us for 1-2 nights we’d love to hear from you and start a conversation.

Please enquire for a tech spec.

Other Spaces

We can use our bar/foyer and event spaces for performance and other events. If you’ve got an event or activity which you think could suit our other spaces, let us know.

Please submit all enquiries to

Alternatively, if you would prefer to hire a space email 

In any programming enquiry, please make sure you include:

  • Your name/company and contact details
  • Succinct and clear information about the show/event
  • Your target audience and audience development plan if you have one
  • Tour pack (if you have one)
  • Video footage, production shots or any other materials that can give us a good sense of your work (if you have this content)

We have set criteria/objectives that we assess all submissions against, which are Audience Development and Sales; Creative Case for Diversity; Artistic Quality; Locality. A successful submission will satisfy at least one of these criteria. We tend to programme our main space roughly 6-12 months in advance, and our studio 3-12 months in advance. We also tend to programme work that will visit us for 1-2 nights, but can occasionally consider longer runs to sit amongst our busy programme of in-house work.

All enquiries sent to us will be read and filed in our system to be discussed at our bi-monthly programming meetings. We will contact you should we be able to take your enquiry any further.

If you need a ‘yes/no’ answer by a particular date, or are facing a hard deadline please do let us know and we will do our best to communicate a decision within your specified timeframe.