The Octagon frequently works with freelance directors, and we are particularly interested in working with local talent.

Our main stage directing opportunities for freelance directors are small in number (usually 1-2 per year). These opportunities are generally most suited to directors who have several years’ worth of experience in the industry, and who either have a track record of directing high quality studio scale shows, or who already have experience of directing at other ‘mid scale’ venues. We get to know freelance directors by seeing their productions and by then having conversations with them about future plans and ideas.

If you would like to invite one of our artistic team to see an upcoming production you have directed, please email We are a small team but we do try to get out to see as many productions as we can, across the UK. 

For those who are at an earlier stage in their directing career, the Octagon aims to provide 1-2 paid opportunities for assistant directors per year. These jobs are widely advertised on jobs pages, on our website and on social media.

When we can, we offer observer positions for directors, dramaturgs and makers on our main stage productions and play readings. This is an opportunity for those at the beginning of their career, or looking to build their resources, to shadow the rehearsal process once per week from the first day through until tech week or performance. This position is unpaid, but a small expenses allowance is available for local travel. The Octagon will make it a priority to offer a flexible experience which can work around your other commitments, no attendance hours will be compulsory.

We will announce these opportunities via our artist newsletter and website. Sign up to our mailing list by sending your details to