Created by Take Back Theatre Collective
Producers Becx Harrison, Grant Archer, Julie Hesmondhalgh
Textile Artist Laura Faithfull
Sound Directors & Editors Justine Potter, Alan Williams, Eloise Whitmore
Music by Alan Williams
Cello by Jennifer Langridge

Under Canvas is an audio installation response exploring the stories of birth 
in refugee camps.

Voiced by actors and written by professional writers, gathered from sources across the world, Under Canvas explores the great equaliser of birth, the process that binds us together, even in conflict and trauma.

The piece includes responses from local people in Bolton, through our work with the Destitution Project, on a subject that touches us all.

Part of the REVEAL Season - a festival of exciting and original work presented inside, outside and online.

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Bolton Central Library
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This is a free installation with no need to book. 

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