By Chris Salt

Left explores cross-generational relationships amongst the older community; a collision of lives, crammed full of experience, and their intimations of mortality. There may be questions about faith and failure, the fathomless chasm of the darkness a head and the frailty or stead fastness with which it is faced. What is a life well-lived? What is strength, what form does achievement take? When do you become old, when do people start to smile with pity and what can be done to stem that tide of diminishment?

The PHONE CALL; Mum and daughter, Betty, discuss a new proposal
Read by Trevlin (mum) and Sue (Betty) from ArtBeat

A BREAK; Mum and daughter, Dolly, debate dignity and decorum in front of Emmerdale
Read by Margaret (mum) and Doreen (Dolly) from ArtBeat

AFTER THE WAKE; Mum and daughter, Barbara, talk tea and hair dye
Read by Margaret (mum) and Linda (Barbara) from ArtBeat

HOSPITAL; from his hospital bed, 90 year old Iss wonders aloud to his son why the world isn’t smiling
Read by Bill from ArtBeat

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These pieces were written and recorded by Chris Salt following interviews with senior citizens and some workshops with ArtBeat, led by Fraser Thomas.

Part of the REVEAL Season - a festival of exciting and original work presented inside, outside and online.

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To hear Left, please click here to be directed to our SoundCloud page