When Susan White (Rita) bursts into the office of her new university tutor, Frank Bryant, keen to learn about ‘everythin’’, neither she nor Frank can anticipate the impact of their encounter. The consequent changes they undergo, and the lessons they both learn, make for a witty and heartfelt story.

Educating Rita questions our assumptions about learning, choice and the British class system, and is a fascinating play that benefits close scrutiny. We’d love to invite our Octagon audiences to explore the play as part of our Investigate – Educating Rita day.

Facilitated by our Education Practitioner, Imogen Woolrich, Investigate- Educating Rita will offer insights into the creative process from director Elizabeth Newman, cast and guests.

The day will comprise of debate and activity inspired by the play, followed by a matinee performance of Educating Rita.

Tickets cost £7 for the morning Investigate session. Tickets for Investigate and the matinee performance of Educating Rita will cost just £21.

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Saturday 4 February 2017


10.30am, followed by matinee performance

Ticket price

£7 for morning session or £21 including the matinee ticket


Show accessible performances only
Sat 4 February 10:30am 10:30am Buy tickets

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