Are you LGBTQ+? Are you interested in writing poetry and meeting people from different generations? Join writers mandla rae and Maz Hedgehog during Bolton Pride week for a one off writing workshop where you’ll explore different kinds of poetry, create new work in a fun environment, and share your writing with other LGBTQ+ people, in this session from the Octagon Theatre.

About the artists

mandla rae is a black, zimbabwean, agender & queer writer and performer. obsessed with archives and storytelling, they make work that draws from their personal experiences and heritage, to prove that they exist and create connections with their audiences. mandla has performed their work at Contact, the Royal Ex-change, HOME and Leeds Playhouse. they are also an Associate Artist with Out-box Theatre. @mandla_rae

Maz Hedgehog is a writer and performer whose work re-imagines folklore and mythologies. She's worked with organisations like Penguin and Blue Peter and performed at events from Edinburgh to Brighton. Fond of fairies and theatrics, Maz's work is imaginative, lyrical and occasionally a little surreal. Find her across social media @MazHedgehog

Additional information


Studio, Octagon Theatre 


Monday 13 September, 7.30-9pm