Suitable for children aged 2 – 14 years (younger children will need parent / guardian supervision)

Science is coming to the Bolton Food and Drink Festival this year to “celebrate” Manchester as the European City of Science 2016!  Children and young people will have a great time exploring food and science in our fantastic Mad Science zone on Le Mans Crescent.  There are seven great interactive, hands on activities including

Zone 1: Vortex Zone

Join our two Mad Scientists and see if you can use the Giant Vortex Cannons to shoot fog rings across the zone and blow out candle targets! (3 children per session) And don’t worry; whilst you queue we’ll keep you entertained with Tornado Tubes!

Zone 2: Slime Zone

Join our two Mad Scientists for this ooey-gooey chemistry class and make your own slime! (Activity for up to 12 children per time).

Zone 3: Kitchen Chemistry Zone

2 Mad Scientists.

See the changing states of matter as you make your own Candyfloss (1 kid a minute).

Take part in the popper stopper challenge - as the chemicals react the stopper pops out - can you hit the target? (2 children at a time)

Harnessing heat- the calorie burner demonstration where you can learn about how much energy is stored in our food.

Zone 4: Light and Energy Zone

Join our Mad Scientists and take a step into the blackout area to discover the nature of phosphorescence in this fantastic sensory wonderland (3 children at a time).

Have you got the energy for the Mad Science Power Pedaler or can you rise to the challenge and beat our Giant Buzz Wire?

Charge up on some static electricity with the Van der Graaf generator (1 child at a time, 2 minutes for the activity).

Zone 5: Flight Zone

Join the Mad Scientist to explore the science of aerodynamics. Can you send your paper plane through all 3 hoops on one flight? (10 children per time).

Zone 6: Mad Lab Photo Booth Zone

Why not dress up as one of the Mad Scientists for your very own photoshoot! (1 child at a time).

Mad Science merchandise - take home your own lab coat, or cool science kits.

Zone 7: The Show Zone (Hourly)

Don’t miss the spectacular Mad Science Show where our Mad Scientists will be sharing their science knowledge and showing you some top experiments! (100 kids at a time, 20 minutes per show).

Try a hover board ride (1 child at a time, 3 minutes per activity).

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Ticket prices Passport day ticket £2.50

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