PLAYS FOR THE PEOPLE is a new project by acclaimed theatre maker Andy Smith. These plays are short texts not written to be performed by actors, but instead designed for a group of audience participants to sit down, read together and then discuss. Each play presents and explores ethical, moral and political questions.  

Participants don’t have to do any acting, but by reading and ‘playing’ other people – and by speaking thoughts that may be different to their own – they are encouraged to consider other positions, viewpoints and perspectives. 

We are delighted to be bringing the play, THE ACTIONS to The Octagon, which tells a story considering the effectiveness of political activism. This participatory reading will be hosted by Andy Smith. This will include a short introduction, a reading of the play together as a group and then a discussion afterwards to explore the group’s reaction & feelings.  

This event is for anyone aged 50+. It is free to attend but booking is essential. 

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The Studio, Octagon Theatre


Tuesday 12th July, 2-3.15pm





Tue 12 July 2:00pm 2:00pm Book