Relaxed Performances

A relaxed attitude to audience noise and movements, plus changes are made to the sound levels and lighting effects of the show. These performances may be more suitable for audience members with sensory sensitivities, autism spectrum conditions and learning disabilities to enjoy the show. 

They have a less formal, more supportive atmosphere to reduce anxiety levels. There is a relaxed attitude to audience noise and movement, and small changes to the sound levels and lighting effects. There are also other provisions such as visual stories, a chill-out space, and extra staff around to offer a helping hand.

Aspects of the performance are tweaked to make it more comfortable, such as:

•   House lights will stay up, so it won't get dark at any point.
•   Audience members will be able to come and go as needed, with a designated quiet space and sensory area for them to visit.
•   Any strobe lights will be absent from this performance.
•   Any loud noises in the performance will be muted.
•   Any smoke/haze will be reduced.
•   We will never ask anyone to leave the performance for making involuntary noises.
•   There will always be someone there to help if you need assistance.
•   There will be a brief preamble of about 10 minutes at the start of the performance in which the cast explains who they are, what the story is and what the audience will see.

Relaxed performances

Saturday 24 October 2020, 2pm

A Christmas Carol 
Thursday 14 January, 11am & 7pm

All tickets for Relaxed Performances are £16


If new please cause anxiety for you, we'd be happy to offer a pre visit to familiarise yourself with the venue. This can be arranged by calling our friendly Box Office team on 01204 520661 or email

If there are any aspect of your visit that we could help to make your experience more pleasant and enjoyable, please get in touch and talk to us and we will do our best to assist.