Four women on trial. Four women who no one believes.

Four women on trial. Four women who no one believes.

TRIAL is a brand new site-specific show about sexual violence and the devastating impact of never being believed by Monkeywood Theatre in association with Octagon Bolton, performed in a courtroom setting for the Octagon’s REVEAL Festival from Thursday 26 April 2018.

 “I am a liar. We run, down the steps, past the celebrations, past the crowds. He is not guilty and I am a liar.”

TRIAL is a brand new play, written and performed by 4 female writer/performers, telling real stories of women who have not been believed. The show weaves together multiple women’s’ stories and includes verbatim court material. Within the setting of the Council Chamber, the audience are immersed in the action and transported to each location in the story.

Monkeywood Co-Artistic Director, Sarah McDonald Hughes, explains why making this play was so important, “Often, female victims in these cases are portrayed, either directly or by implication, as liars, as untrustworthy, as ‘bad’ citizens. At the time of making the play, it felt like the whole world was contributing material. We would literally discuss something one day, and a news story would break the next, covering the same ground. Whilst this horrified us – the stories themselves – it also galvanized us: we felt like this was absolutely the right play to be making now.  

Monkeywood brought together an ensemble of 4 female writer/performers, Rosina Carbone, Nisa Cole, Sarah McDonald Hughes and Eve Steele, to make TRIAL and the stories, whilst not autobiographical, have been inspired by real stories. The script has been developed over the course of a year and tested via workshops with community groups in Bolton, including The Octagon Theatre's own youth theatres and adult theatre groups.

Award winning Monkeywood Theatre return to the Octagon Theatre following MULTI STORY (Manchester Theatre Award nominated) in 2016. Monkeywood share an ethos with The Octagon to make work about ordinary people, telling stories from unheard voices. TRIAL is part of the Octagon’s REVEAL festival, which showcases new work in non theatre spaces across Bolton, and Monkeywood are thrilled to be part of such a diverse and innovative collection of work.

TRIAL runs Thu 26 April - Sat 28 April 2018, 7.30pm.

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