The Octagon open their doors as vaccine observation centre

The Octagon open their doors as vaccine observation centre

This week the Octagon have opened their doors to support the NHS in the rollout of the Covid vaccine.

The Octagon have provided the use of the building as a patient observation centre for those receiving their Covid vaccinations.

Throughout the week around 2,400 Bolton residents who receive their Covid vaccination at the Lever Chambers Centre for Health will then be welcomed in to the Octagon for a post vaccine observation.

The observation centres allow for NHS staff to monitor patients in a safe and comfortable location for 15 minutes after their vaccine, keeping space at the health centre clear to boost distribution of the vaccine to more patients.

The venue will be set up to accommodate patients following strict social-distancing guidelines.

The Octagon’s Chief Executive, Roddy Gauld commented: “We’re absolutely delighted to be supporting our brilliant NHS. It’s humbling to see the huge effort of so many health workers and volunteers to get this vaccine delivered to as many people as quickly as possible. By the end of the week, we’ll have hosted over 2,400 patients whilst they’re being observed after their jab. I hope we can welcome them back soon as audience members when theatres are allowed to open, and until then we’re just glad to be playing our part in this important cause.”

Chair of Bolton GP Federation, Dr George Ogden said: “When we set up these clinics the use of space was a big issue. On our old site the big issue in delivering vaccines was the ability to have enough space to observe people afterwards, which is very important to us. So using the Octagon space allows us to deliver more vaccines, and working with other partners in Bolton shows that this is a whole Bolton delivery and not just a primary care delivery.”

Performance and Programme Manager of Bolton GP Federation, Dawn Lythgoe added: We are so grateful to the theatre for opening up their building to patients. It’s working really well – patients are telling us that being able to see inside the new theatre building has been a wonderful bonus to them getting the vaccine, and they can’t wait to visit again soon, hopefully next time to see a production!”

This is one of the ways that the venue continue to support the community during this time whilst its doors are closed due to the ongoing pandemic.