Sir Ian McKellen joins the Octagon's anniversary celebrations

Sir Ian McKellen joins the Octagon's anniversary celebrations

On the eve of the Octagon's 50th anniversary, Sir Ian McKellen joined Sue Johnston and Octagon founder Phil Butterworth in celebrating the history of the Octagon Theatre Bolton.

On Monday 27 November 2017, the Octagon Theatre celebrated turning 50!

Phil Butterworth, one of the theatre's founders, looked back to the very beginning of the Octagon and how he and the other 5 founders helped to create a theatre that was unique, flexible, and for the people of Bolton. 

Sue Johnston, who performed on the Octagon's stage in 1990 with John McArdle in Two, then reminisced about her time working at the Octagon and how she now loves to enjoy the Octagon's productions as an audience member. 

 Sir Ian McKellen then joined the celebrations, recounting the theatres that Bolton used to have and wishing the Octagon success in its future.

“There were old friends, there were new friends, chatting away as only theatre folk can do with hilarity and sentiment about the Octagon and the way it has affected so many lives – both those who work there and those who visit. I knew Bolton when there were three professional theatres, all now demolished. The Octagon has a great responsibility to live up to Bolton’s theatre history. It certainly is one of the greatest assets of the town’s life.” - Sir Ian McKellen

The whole Octagon team wants to thank everyone who has visited and supported the theatre over the past 50 years. Here's to the next 50, full of adventure, stories, drama, making memories, and theatre made in Bolton!