Best of Bolton is back - who has won?

Best of Bolton is back - who has won?

The winners of this year’s Best of Bolton have been announced. On Saturday 11 November 2017, in our main auditorium, the works of the winners will be performed by professional actors.

At the Octagon, we are extremely passionate about developing new writing. Best of Bolton is our way of celebrating outstanding original work by writers of all different ages, backgrounds, and experience.

Poetry, prose, short plays in a variety of languages and music will combine to celebrate Bolton’s cultural heritage, the contemporary community, and the power of spoken word.

Best of Bolton is a showcase of poetry, stories and short plays, selected from open submissions - see below the writers and works being performed. 

Tickets cost £5 (£3 concessions). For more information, visit our show page.


Afternoon performance


Rosie Adamson-Clark

Miss T and I                                     

Dorothy Snelson 


Christopher Moore 

When Love Left Town Today

Dave Jones

Accrington Pals

Aziz Dixon 

Butterfly Skin

Emma Stewart 

We Are Carrion

Neil A Edwards         


Ian Hill  


Nick Maynard  

O Tarva Rime Concerto

 P.A. Livsey   

Prisoner Of Your Heart 

Jeannie Ashton

Vested Interest                   

Margaret Gilmour      

The Roundabout

Samantha Priestley


Roy David Cole 


Scott Davenport

My Honeymoon With Italian Ice-Cream Men

Tony Topping                


Christopher Owen 

Chapter And Verse

Allan Gray    

Starter Home

Stephen Connolly   


Frances Ardern


Annie Power 


Linda Ashworth


Evening performance

Still Love

Bernie Jordan

Dreams For Our Daughters             

Pegeen Murphy

Then and Now

Imelda Carroll         

The Laundromat Cycle

Stephen Measday


Elizabeth Logan


Philip Burton    

War Games

Stella Young 

January 2017

Margaret Simpson

A Vase of Spilled Flowers 

Amanda Fleming 

You Can’t Take A Goldfish For A Walk

Phil Barling


Emma Hinds

The Gap In The Bap  

Declan Grimes  

Old Woman With Masks

Jen McGregor 


Dave Morgan


L. Gooding 

Pilgrimage To The Pike

Rod Riesco 


Evan Guildford-Blake

I Look At These Stalwart Boards Wearied By Time     

Paul K Smith

Have Faith

Elaine Patricia Morris 

The Frogs 

Naomi Westerman


Gillian Popplewell

Constance Failing                       

Shauna Mackay

The Wallet

Denise Silcock