“We arrived at 5 o’clock in the morning by the night coach from London. There was me and two others. We we came together. And there was nowhere to go. We were desperate for the toilet, and we couldn’t even open, the toilets were closed, and we were hungry and thirsty and nowhere to go obviously, so we sort of, eventually the toilets opened, and we had a wash, and we had some breakfast and we started looking for somewhere to live.”

Asgar came to Bolton, over fifty years ago to study at the Textile Institute.

He started work as a labourer and within two weeks was working as an assistant technologist at Belmont Bleaching & Dyeing Works. He went on to work in cotton mills as a technician and a quality control manager.

In this interview from 2001, he shares stories about arriving in Bolton, settling in, working in the textile industry, relationships with his co-workers and his forays into the textile industries in East Pakistan (Bangladesh) and Iran.

The North West Sound Archive have kindly made this interview available from the One Hundred Years in Worktown collection.