Sometimes, inspiration just strikes and you have a great idea for a story or a play. But sometimes, its great for writers to have the opportunity to push their imagination with a creative challenge. Here’s one for you to try out at home.

This is a creative writing challenge in which you will create a duologue featuring an animal and an object - the more surreal the better!

‘duologue’ is a term used in theatre for a play, or a scene from a play, featuring just two actors. This task is designed to get you thinking differently about creating characters for stories.

To start with, choose an animal. You might want to pick one yourself, ask someone else to pick one for you, or choose from this list:

  • Chimpanzee
  • Iguana
  • Octopus
  • Sheep

Next, pick an object. It could be:

  • A lamp
  • A football
  • A loaf of bread
  • A catapult

Or anything else, the choice is yours!

Then create a short (no more than 5 minute) conversation featuring the animal and object - let your imagination run wild.

For example, in The Octopus and the Football, an octopus dreams of playing in the Premiership. Can he make it to the top or will his arms get in the way?

Things to think about:

  • What does your animal want: is it the object or something else completely?
  • Does the object help the animal or just get in its way?
  • What genre do you want your story to be: is it a comedy, a horror or maybe even a musical?
  • Five minutes isn’t a lot of time, but it is enough to tell a story. Think about what the beginning, middle and end of your story is.
  • Most of all: have fun writing it!

 Here is Creative Engagement Manager Imogen to explain more: 

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