This week’s #GetCreative challenge is inspired by 'Scenery'. 

At the Octagon we have transformed our stage over the years from forests to building sites to living rooms to magical lands. Scenery has the power to transport you to other worlds and this week we are challenging you to be creative with the scenery of your own home.

Here is an example of how scenery helped map out one of the Octagon productions...

Winter Hill 

Winter Hill is one of the most prominent sights in the Bolton area, and it can be seen from many places in and around Bolton. In 2016, we commissioned a play about Winter Hill, set on Winter Hill and called....wait for it...... 'Winter Hill'. 

As you can see- we took a picture of Winter Hill as our image for the play.  Now it’s your turn to have a go. 

The Challenge...

Step 1 

Take a photo with your phone or camera, or draw an image that shows something that can be seen from somewhere in your home (this includes gardens, paths or driveways if you have them).

The picture can be a close up of something, or it can be a landscape view from a window. It could be something that you haven't noticed before (a pesky cobweb in the corner, perhaps?!). It could be something that's recently changed (maybe a flower that's bloomed in the last week). It should be interesting to you...a tree seen from your window, a bus stop or even another house - the choice is yours. 

Step 2 

Decide on a title for a new play that your picture is the leading image for.

From the image we took of the cactus we came up with these two example titles:

It can be very simple-

Example 1: CACTUS! The Musical

Or, it can be using the picture in a slightly more mysterious way-

Example 2: Gary Goes Wild

Step 3 

Write a short description of what your play is about.

Here’s our example:

Cactus! The Musical

A young girl discovers that her mum’s cactus has magical, wish granting powers and wishes to be a famous singer. It seems like she’s got everything she ever wanted…but does her dream come at a cost?

Gary Goes Wild 

Lighthearted comedy about a man who gets his own allotment. 

Have fun with it! You might even feel inspired to write the first scene!

Step 4 

Send us your ideas to or share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #GetCreative and don't forget to tag @octagontheatre so we can see what you have been up to! 

We can’t wait to see what you come up with...perhaps it could inspire a future play on the Octagon stage!!