This week’s Creative Challenge is inspired by Refugee Week. The week is celebrated across the country and offers refugees and asylum seekers an opportunity to share their perspectives and offers, with support from partner organisations,  a wider platform for refugee voices.

The Octagon is a Theatre of Sanctuary, which means we have been recognised for the work we do in supporting and welcoming refugees and asylum seekers.

The theme for this week’s Refugee Week is ‘Imagine’, and for this week’s challenge, we’d like to you think about the following questions, and either write, or film yourselves responding to these questions (You can do one, two or all of them). You can simply share a picture of the places you’d like to go, or the meal that brings you comfort.

These are questions that we have explored with some of our refugee community too, which we’ll be sharing in a short film- so watch out for it this week on social media!

A place that I like to go to (Close by)

Talk to us about a place nearby that you like to go to. Perhaps it’s a park, or a social centre, or a church. Tell us what you can see there, what sounds you hear, what feelings you have and why you like it so much.

A place that I like to go to (Far away)

Talk to us about a place far away that you’d like to go to. It can be somewhere that you might have to travel to go to, it might be a place in another country.  Again, think about what you can see, what you can hear, what feelings you have and what it means to you.

A journey that I like to take

Tell us about a journey that you like to take. This could be a walk, or a bus ride. It could be a journey you have taken in the past, or one that you still take regularly now. Think about what you can see on the journey, what sounds you hear. How do the sights and sounds change as you move on the journey. What feelings do you have?

A meal that brings you comfort

Tell us about a meal that you enjoy, that brings you comfort. What ingredients, flavours and colours are involved in the meal? What memories do you associate with it?

We’d love to see your responses, so please share them on social media , @octagontheatre and use the hashtag #Refugeeweek2020.

Find out more about Refugee Week here. 

This tenth Creative Challenge will be the last one for this term – but look out for more over the summer!