Welcome to your first ‘Get Creative Challenge’ of the summer!

We hope you are all well and safe and well. We launched our Creative Challenge during the lockdown period and it went so well, we thought we’d bring it back for summer. We’ve loved seeing everyone’s ideas and we can’t wait to see what you do.


The ‘Get Creative Challenge’ is part of our summer festival, four weeks of online activity programmed to help everyone stay engaged, inspired and connected during this period of social distancing.

The four weeks will culminate in a virtual tea party, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. This will be a live event with games and activities for individuals, friends, families and households to take part in. We’ll also be picking our prize draw winner live at the event.

Each entry into the Creative Challenge gets you one entry into the prize draw to win an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the brand new Octagon theatre once we have opened! You can book your place for the Wonderland tea party here. 

The Challenge

As it’s the first week, we’re giving you two challenges to choose from (or do both if you like!)

Challenge One – Best Mug in Show

Very simple this one. Inspired by the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in ‘Alice in Wonderland’, we’d like you to choose your best mug, or cup, or glass.

We’d like you to tell us:

  1. a) What makes your mug (or cup, or glass special)
  2. b) What you like to drink in it.

For instance

My favorite mug- I love it because it’s the perfect size i.e MASSIVE. Its also a mug that I got passed on by a friend who was getting rid of some crockery. It had barely been used but I like that it makes me think of my friend when I drink out of it.

Inside it – always- proper coffee, no sugar, cream.

Challenge Two - Place Limerick

Alice in Wonderland is famous for its nonsense poetry. A simple and effective form of nonsense poetry is the mighty limerick. We’d like you to make up your own limerick (you can work on your own, or with members of your household), using as specifically as possible the place where you are from. So it might not be Bolton, it might be Heaton, or Daubhill or event your street name.

An example might go like this:

A young boy from round Daisy Hill,

Found a rather extraordinary skill,

He could jump in the air

And stay floating there

In fact I believe he’s there still.


Remember to share your challenges on social media (@octagontheatre) and use the hashtag #GetCreative, or email your ideas to participation@octagonbolton.co.uk. We can’t wait to see your ideas!