Create a costume or a prop for a character of your choice, using only things you have at home!

A big part of showing who characters are and how they behave is down to the design of props and costumes to tell the audience things about these particular characters. Look at the characters below.

What can you tell from the pictures about the characters?

Hopefully you’ll have got that the lady is some kind of servant, and that the man is a pirate. Perhaps you’ll have even thought about their personalities, that the lady might be kind, and the pirate grumpy. Lots of our ideas about characters come from the actors themselves, but props and costumes really help us to understand the characters.

The way the characters look in a show is part of the design process which is a huge, important part of telling a story on stage.

At the Octagon, we have a very talented Wardrobe team who make and source costumes to tell the tale brilliantly but what we’d like you to do is try and source some props and costumes from things you might have at home!

The Challenge

You can make things, borrow someone else’s clothes or objects (get permission first!) and be as detailed or as subtle as you like. You can send us the picture of the item, or model it in the picture!

Some suggested characters below: (or you can choose your own from a play of your choice)

  • A dastardly villain (top hat, moustache, cigar, cat for stroking)
  • A member of Royalty (crown, perhaps take a picture with your corgi, posh glove, priceless jewels)
  • Feisty heroine  (cape, shield)
  • A detective (warrant card, overcoat)

Here’s our Creative Engagement Manager, Imogen with an example:


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