This week the theme for the Creative Challenge is …! 

Yes that’s right, whether it’s the magical shoes from the Wizard of Oz, a snazzy pair of tap shoes from ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ or a pair of muddy army boots from ‘Journey’s End’ – shoes tell stories. They tell us about a character, about a time, about a place.

Here’s what we’d like you to do…..

Step 1

Pick a pair of shoes. It might be some shoes that you’ve ended wearing a lot in lockdown (yes slippers count!), or some shoes that have a memory attached to them, or your best ‘going out’ shoes that you are looking forward to wearing again. They can be shoes that belong to someone else, shoes that you use for a particular event or activity (wellies for puddle splashing, football boots, shoes that you haven’t worn for a long time)

Step 2

Tell us the story of those shoes.

Here’s our Creative Engagement Manager, Imogen with an example of a Shoe Story:


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