Theatre is all about telling stories, not just the stories you see on stage but also the stories of how we get there.

Octagon Wardrobe Manager - Su Newell

Throughout this Crazy Patchwork Blog I’m going to tell you some stories, old and new, using crazy patchwork as my stage whilst showing you how to create your very own Crazy Patchwork.

What is Crazy Patchwork?

Crazy patchwork is a method of patching or decorating a garment or item, such as a bedcover, using any scraps of fabric to hand. It probably began as a necessity, those with little money who couldn’t afford to replace clothes would patch and repair them with whatever was available. 

In Victorian times it became a purely decorative craft for the middle classes, using more colourful and exotic fabric scraps and using decorative stitching, beads and trim to embellish the work that could then be made into cushion covers or quilts. 

It’s also a great way to record memories, as each scrap of fabric will maybe remind the maker of a particular outfit they made and the occasions they wore it, passing those stories down to later generations.

Next, I will tell you everything you need to get started.

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