This fabric has led a double life.  It is a soft cotton with a blue and green leaf print, made into a fifties style dress with a button front and matching belt. 

The dress was first worn by Vanessa Kirby, playing the role of Ann Deever in All My Sons by Arthur Miller.  It was then altered for Vicki to wear as Miss Maudie in To Kill a Mockingbird


We keep the majority of the costumes we create in our store for this very reason, they will always have another life in a different production, worn by a different actor. 

It is often the first thing we do with a designer, take them to our store so they can see what we have and how they could use it within their design; many of them are surprised at the extent of what we actually have, collected from over 50 years of productions. 

Adding the next patch 

I have added the next patch in a slightly different way, as I wanted two edges to be attached instead of one.  The longer edge is stitched the usual way, and then I turned under the shorter edge to make it look neat. 

Blanket Stitch 

I will then top stitch that edge in place with the next decorative stitch – blanket stitch. 

Here is the youtube link to show you how. 


The blanket stitch holds the edge neatly in place and allows the fabric patch to overlap on two edges. 

Coming up next 

Something to sit on instead of something to wear… 

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