At the end of our 2016-2017 we produced Talking Heads by Alan Bennett. 

Most of the costumes were from our store or bought for the production (designed by Liz Cooke) but we couldn’t find the right classic shirt-waister dress for Sue to wear as Doris, in A Cream Cracker Under the Sofa, so we decided to make it, using a vintage pattern from our collection. 

We looked for the perfect fabric for a while and settled on this lovely floral print, from Liberty, London.  It is a fine cotton lawn and the soft blues worked well with the other muted colours in the wallpaper, carpet and soft furnishings of the set.   


Adding the next patch 

Choose where you want to position your patch, in relation to all the other patches and stitch in place. 

Chain stitch

Now to add another decorative stitch Chain stitch is a line of looped stitches; this one takes a bit more practice, mine always look a bit wobbly, but the finished effect is perfect for crazy patchwork.  The youtube links will show you how. 


Coming up next 

A costume that’s had a double life… 

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