I loved all the costumes for Private Lives, designed by Amanda Stoodley, and just oozing 1930’s sophistication. 

Private Lives is a wonderfully funny Noel Coward play about love, passion and arguments between newly weds.  This spotted fabric was a favourite, used to make a day dress for Jess Baglow to wear as Sybil in Act Three

The spot design is woven into the fabric, so the reverse is just as interesting as the front and was used to edge the collar, tie and the frills of the skirt; the end result was very chic. 

Jess also had her hair cut and dyed for the role, to make her more Sybil, who is not considered to be very bright.  We had suits made for Niall and Harry by a wonderful tailor, and also made very stylish nightwear for both Harry and Fiona to lounge around in. 

Private Lives was also fun to work on backstage.  As well as a number of very quick changes I was involved in the set change during the interval – from a lavish French Riviera hotel to a sophisticated Parisian flat.

My main job was replacing the floor tiles after the balcony balustrade had been removed, moving smaller pieces of furniture and plumping up the cushions!  Whenever we have a big set change in an Octagon Production it is always all hands on deck, and after several practices during technical rehearsals we work as a team and make it look very slick. 

Adding the next patch 

Add your next piece of fabric to your crazy patchwork using the usual method. 

Herringbone Stich

The next decorative stitch is Herringbone stitch.  Again, it is nice and easy to do, the youtube link will show you how.  Herringbone stitch is also a very practical stitch that we use a lot in costume making, for hemming garments and attaching bodices to skirts, as it is strong but also allows for a little flexibility and movement. 


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