I decided on something a bit different for the next patch – a Future fabric – something that we have at the theatre that has yet to be made into a costume. 

This fabric was part of a big donation from an audience member, who were clearing a family member’s house.  They gave us several boxes of fabric, all big pieces, easily enough to make a skirt, dress or jacket, mostly this kind of interestingly patterned crimplene fabric, which was very popular in the late sixties and seventies

It is wonderful to get donations of vintage fabric like this as it enables us to make really authentic costumes. I like the block shapes and choice of colour in this fabric particularly, and would make a neat little sixties dress from it.  You never know you may spot it onstage at the Octagon sometime soon. 

Adding the next patch 

Decide where you want the patch to go in relation to your first patch and attach it using same method as shown in Chapter Three.

Now we have fabric all the way around our original patch it is time to start adding the decorative stitches that are other element of crazy patchwork.  You can use any embroidery stitches for this but I’m going to show you a few classics over the next few chapters to get you started.

First of all – Feather Stitch

I always think this looks more like a plant (maybe seaweed) than a feather.  It is a fairly simple stitch, there is a youtube link below to show you how.

As you can see, adding the decorative stitches makes a big difference to your crazy patchwork. 

If you want to keep it simpler then use the running stitch from Chapter Two in a contrast colour thread.


Coming up next

Next time we’re going to get classy with a bit of Noel Coward…


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