My next Fabric - Newspaper material from The BFG:

The BFG was our Christmas show in 2015.  A Roald Dahl classic, adapted for the stage by David Wood it tells the story of Sophie, an orphan, who has many adventures with the Big Friendly Giant and even meets the Queen. 

The show was great to work on with amazing collaborations between props and lighting to create the contents of the BFG’s cave home, including the innovative use of hair gel to create frobscottle, with the bubbles going up and a quilt that transformed into a chandelier

There were also a range of different puppets in the show.  Puppets are a good way of showing scale on stage, so we had a puppet Sophie for when she was with the BFG, and large heads, hands and feet to make normal sized actors into giants. 

As the cast played many different characters (as is usual in a Christmas production) they all had a pair of pyjamas as a base costume.  As we did so many shows they all had two pairs, so we now have 14 pairs of identical striped pyjamas in our costume store.  Many of the other costumes were designed to look as though they were made from newspaper, so we used newsprint fabric (bought from Germany).  The details were then painted on, to make the costumes look like illustrations.  The Queen wore a newsprint dress and also had a turquoise dressing gown decorated with newsprint swans. 

Adding the next patch 

Decide where you want the patch to go in relation to your first patch and attach it using same method as shown in Chapter Three.  As you can see, the more patches you add, the more interesting your crazy patchwork becomes. 


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