Choosing your next fabric:

My next fabric is a sprigged (lots of tiny flowers) cotton lawn.  It was made into a blouse for Natasha playing Fanny Hawthorn in Hindle Wakes.  Fanny is a vibrant and feisty character who refuses to conform to social mores after an indiscretion during the wakes week holiday.  The blouse had a tucked yoke and deep cuffs, and fastened up the back with many small buttons. 

This production was also seen at Oldham Coliseum and The Dukes, Lancaster after its run at the Octagon.  In the last week of the run in Bolton I taught the female cast members how to get ready by themselves, as I didn’t travel to the other theatres with them.  They all wore corsets, so learnt to lace themselves in, and also how to do each other’s complicated hair styles.  The male actors had to struggle with collar studs, starched collars and cuff links, all important details in a period production. 

Adding the next patch – 

Decide where you want the patch to go in relation to your first patch and attach it using same method as shown in Chapter Three. 

Coming up next 

Next time I’ll add patch number four, from costumes made from newspaper… 

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