We often have to do minor repairs on costumes, buttons that pop off, loose poppas, seams in trousers, and sometimes our colleagues will come to us with small jobs as well.  We have a very good bartering system – repairs for chocolate – which proves satisfactory on both sides. 

Jacob was a member of our LX department a number of years ago and came to me with jeans like these, that definitely needed a patch on the knee. 


Jacob was happy for me to choose what the patch would be, so I found this lovely colourful cotton to mend his jeans.  I don’t know why we had the fabric in our stash but we did make a pair of pyjama trousers from it for Separation (performed in rep with Duet for One) a couple of years later.  

To effectively patch jeans cut your patch at least 2cm bigger all round than the space you wish to fill and neaten the edges, either with a hem or by overlocking.  Then place the patch inside the jeans and pin in place.  Stitch on the machine around the edge of the patch and also around all the loose edges of the jeans to hold it firmly in place.  Then your jeans will have a new lease of life, as Jacob’s did. 

Adding the next patch  

Once I added the patch in the usual way, I decorated one edge with double Herringbone stitch.  You do this in the same way as ordinary Herringbone, just using a contrast colour and making the crosses in the gaps of the previous stiches. 



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