We don’t only make costumes in the Wardrobe Department – sometimes we are asked to contribute to a project in a different way. 

We often open our doors to people for an open day or other event, to allow people to explore the building in different ways.  For a tie in with Bolton Food and Drink Festival one summer we opened the theatre for the entire weekend and transformed it in to the Pleasure Beach! 

To help create the atmosphere the Wardrobe Department made striped seat covers for all the seats in the auditorium, to make them look like deckchairs.  This was quite an undertaking as there are over 300 seats!  Each cover was made in two pieces, one for the seat and one for the back.  Once a calico pattern had been worked out, we sourced every kind of striped fabric possible. 

I cut out the pieces, using a method where you layer up the fabric and cut multiples of the same piece at the same time, to save time, whilst Jay and Clare constructed the covers.  Once they were complete it took over two hours to fit them onto the seats but the end result looked amazing. 


We ended up with lots of striped offcuts, which I used to make bunting, and now am adding one of my favourite striped designs to my crazy patchwork. 


Adding the next patch – 

Its good to step back at this point and look at what’s been created so far – I think it’s definitely starting to look crazy now!  I added the striped fabric in the same way and used running stitch to top stitch it in place. 

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