Artist Development

Stories can be told in a multitude of ways, from an elegant speech to a look in someone’s eyes. At the Octagon we want to develop new talent to tell the best stories from across the world to our audiences in Bolton and beyond. Through our support and development of emerging theatre-makers we are bringing some exciting new work to our stages as well as the streets of Bolton.

12 miles north (REVEAL 2016)
12 miles north (REVEAL 2016)

"It is always exciting to be part of a bulk of young new creatives. It makes you feel like you are not alone!"

Brennan Reece

REVEAL Festival

Our annual REVEAL Festival showcases a range of original and new work created by local and emerging theatre makers. The Festival brings together a diverse mix of artists and theatre companies to put on a wide-ranging selection of exciting and engaging performances, experiences and events inside, outside and online at the Octagon.  

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