What is Dirty Face all about?

What is Dirty Face all about?

When their jobs are threatened, the Pit Brow Lasses proved that they had more than just dirty faces. Discover more about them in the REVEAL 2017 Festival...

Writer of this empowering piece, Josie Byrne, found this group of women and their devotion to their work fascinating:

When I first started researching the Pit Brow Lasses, I was very surprised to learn that they loved their work. I had heard about them before and always felt sorry for them, but I was wrong to feel that way.  From the books and interviews that I have read, it seems that they thought nothing of getting up at 4.30am, walking 4 miles to work and having to work outside in all weathers.

"When their work was threatened by the MPs in London, again I was surprised to learn that the local vicar and the Mayor stuck up for the girls and organised a train to take them to London. Such was their passion for work and this inspired me to write their story.

During last year’s REVEAL Festival, On The Go Theatre Company performed in the Octagon’s Studio with their beautiful production Someone’s Sons, which focused on the Prisoner of War Camp in Leigh in WW1, the zeppelin bombs dropped on Wigan and the role of women during the war.

They are back in this year's fesitval with Dirty Face.

"We absolutely love telling our audiences about major historical events that affect the way we live today and also enjoy adding comedy and romance to such serious issues."

On The Go Theatre Company

We are delighted to be part of the Octagon Reveal Season for 2017 and are relishing the challenge of producing our new play Dirty Face.  As On The Go Theatre Company, we have had six years of writing and performing for lots of different groups in the local area and all of us feel uplifted by the response we get from our audiences.”  

This time, On The Go will be out in Bolton, performing Dirty Face at Bolton Parish Church Hall, taking theatre into new spaces with us.

 “All fifteen of us find it thrilling to be part of our ‘mature’ group, we have lots of fun and we all have an avid interest in different aspects of theatre. Thanks to Art.Beat, we have been encouraged to develop our writing and performing skills by the brilliant Octagon staff.”

Make sure you don't miss this moving production. Dirty Face is playing on Tue 14 March, 7.30pm and Wed 15 March, 2pm at Bolton Parish Church Hall.