What I do Series: Victoria Hubbard

What I do Series: Victoria Hubbard

Have you ever considered a career in theatre but asked, what can I do? or what roles are available? Find out in our new What I Do series!

The theatre is a very exciting and creative place to work with an extensive array of possible career choices open to you.

Here at the Octagon there are lots of team members that work behind the scenes and we will be highlighting some of their roles in our new blog series What I Do

Each week we speak to a different member of our Octagon team who will give you a fascinating insight in to their position here at the Octagon and what they enjoy most about their role.

This week we speak to Victoria Hubbard who is our Company Stage Manager (CSM).

What does your role entail?

I manage the furniture and props gathering for a production following the needs of the Design, Director and the budgets set by the Head of Production.  I am also responsible for planning, and leading the work of the Stage Management Team and managing the general welfare of acting companies, young company, chaperones and any other people associated with a production at the Octagon. 

How long have you been in this role at the Octagon?

7 years as CSM (11 years at the Octagon) 

Did you undertake any specific training/get any specific qualifications to help you in this role? 

I have a degree in Theatre and a postgrad diploma in Stage Management but this isn’t the only route into Stage Management.

What’s a highlight of your job? 

Working with lots of different people with lots of different ideas and concepts for shows and then the challenge of finding the right things for each show.

Do you have a favourite production you’ve been involved with at the Octagon? 

Noises Off - for the collaborative team effort that it was to do the show, plus seeing how much we progressed and it was a lot of fun to work on. 

Singing in the Rain - for seeing the audience reaction to the rain 

Treasure Island – For the amazing work of the Young Company 

Rafta Rafta – because I meet my now husband on the show! 

Do you have a favourite production you’ve seen/been involved with at another venue? 

Spoonface Steinberg – I loved touring this show 

Can you tell us about something funny/bizarre/particularly memorable that has happened to you at the Octagon?  

So many that aren’t appropriate to share!  However: 

When (unfortunately) a doorknob fell off the set of Noises Off and Katie (ASM) and myself had to try and repair whilst avoid getting hit by that doors and other doors which during a farce is quite a challenge! 

Getting stuck in the mud during Early One Morning and having to add lots of bark during the interval due to the bog like nature that had occurred within the mud! 

Due to the narrow nature of the backstage of the Octagon, trying to fit in a brass band with music stands backstage for Brassed Off always provided some entertainment.  We used to make sure they had left a big enough cross over by myself, Su and a couple of the actors “trotting” through them in time to the music! 

Can you share a quotation from a play or musical that you particularly enjoy or find inspiring? 

Whats the first thing an actor learns? The show must go on!” 

Cosmo from Singing in the Rain