What I Do Series: Sarah Jackson - Customer Experience Manager

What I Do Series: Sarah Jackson - Customer Experience Manager

Have you ever considered a career in theatre but asked, what can I do? or what roles are available? Find out in our new What I Do series!

The theatre is a very exciting and creative place to work with an extensive array of possible career choices open to you.

Here at the Octagon there are lots of team members that work behind the scenes and we will be highlighting some of their roles in our new blog series What I Do

Each week we speak to a different member of our Octagon team who will give you a fascinating insight in to their position here at the Octagon and what they enjoy most about their role.

This week we speak to Sarah Jackson who is the Customer Experience Manager here at the Octagon.

What does your role entail?

My job is primarily to look after all the lovely customers who come to visit us at the Octagon and manage the Front of House staff who serve them. If you’ve been to visit us during our off-site seasons, I’m the lady with the bell asking you to take your seats!  

How long have you been in this role?

I’ve been in this role on and off for three years.  

Did you undertake any specific training/get any specific qualifications to help you in this role?

I didn’t have to do any specific training or qualifications for my role. I joined the Octagon as an Usher in 2013 when I graduated University and just kept learning! The wonderful thing about a role in FOH is that all you need is a positive attitude and an ability to chat to people – the rest you get to learn on the job!  

What’s a highlight of your job? 

My role means I’m involved with all the access performances here at the Octagon. We run Captioned, Audio Described, British Sign Language, Relaxed and Dementia Friendly performances. They’re my favourite days on the job, it’s always amazing to see how my talented colleagues make theatre accessible to our entire community.  

Do you have a favourite production at the Octagon? 

I really loved our 2016 production of Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis. The show was a co-production with Hull Truck Theatre. It was such a heartwarming production, the soundtrack was brilliant and it snowed inside the auditorium! 

Do you have a favourite production you’ve seen at another venue? 

Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs) – A Kneehigh production from quite a few years ago. It was just one of those productions that transported you to an entirely different world. I was completely enthralled from beginning to end.  

Can you tell us about something funny/bizarre/particularly memorable that has happened to you at the Octagon? 

When I worked on Box Office, I once had a Shepherd ring up and ask for the Head of Production. I thought this was a bit bizarre even for the Octagon. But when I called through to our HoP to see if he was expecting the Shepherd’s call or not, his response was ‘brilliant, put him straight through!’ It turned out that we were using a lot of his spare wool for the set design of A Winter’s Tale, but until I saw the dress rehearsal a few weeks later I was left completely baffled!  

Can you share a quotation from a play or musical that you particularly enjoy or find inspiring? 

 “You’ll find, my friend, that what you love will take you places you never dreamed you’d go.” 

Tony Kushner, Angels in America