What I do series: Alex Joynes

What I do series: Alex Joynes

Have you ever considered a career in theatre but asked, what can I do? or what roles are available? Find out in our new What I Do series!

The theatre is a very exciting and creative place to work with an extensive array of possible career choices open to you.

Here at the Octagon there are lots of team members that work behind the scenes and we will be highlighting some of their roles in our new blog series What I Do

Each week we speak to a different member of our Octagon team who will give you a fascinating insight in to their position here at the Octagon and what they enjoy most about their role.

This week we speak to Alex Joynes who is our Creative Engagement Coordinator

What does your role entail?

My role involves supporting the Creative Engagement department with the different groups and projects the department runs each week. I also oversee Creative Engagement volunteers as well as work experience and university placements.  

How long have you been in this role? 

I started this role in December 2017. I joined the Octagon in January 2017.  

Did you undertake any specific training/get any specific qualifications to help you in this role? 

The thing which helped me the most to prepare for this role was the volunteering that I did for different theatres and arts organisations when I graduated from university. I learnt so much from these experiences and Id recommend volunteering to anyone interested in a career in theatre.  

Whats a highlight of your job? 

A highlight for me is getting to see our wonderful groups perform - their dedication and talent always inspires me!  

Do you have a favourite production youve been involved with at the Octagon? 

This would probably be Grimm Tales, a summer project which Creative Engagement ran last year. Over the course of two weeks, the group devised, rehearsed and performed modern retellings of classic fairytales. What they achieved in just a fortnight was incredible.  

Do you have a favourite production youve seen at another venue? 

At the moment, this would have to be the current West End production of Mary Poppins which I saw a few weeks ago. Another theatre highlight for me was seeing Victoria Woods That Day We Sang at the Royal Exchange a few years ago. It was truly joyous and I dont think Ive ever laughed as much. She was a true genius.  

Can you tell us about something particularly memorable that has happened to you at the Octagon? 

I was lucky enough to meet Alan Bennett as part of my job! He is a hero of mine so that felt very special. Im happy to report that he is lovely.  

Can you share a quotation from a play or musical that you particularly enjoy or find inspiring? 

At the moment, it would be the lyrics from Together, Wherever We Go’ from Gypsy: 

Wherever we go, whatever we do 

We're gonna go through it together 

We may not go far, but sure as a star 

Wherever we are, it's together