We are the rats in Cinderella

We are the rats in Cinderella

Want to know more about the storytellers of this year's festive show at the Octagon? Well, keep your eyes peeled for each new profile, they tell you all about the mischievous Whiskers, Teeth, Tail, Ears and Claws.

Whiskers rocking out on stage

Name: Whiskers

Hobbies: Eating and climbing

Favourite instrument: The drums! They're loud and they annoy the other rats, particularly early in the morning. 

Favourite person to dress up as: The Prince, because like him I am incredibly handsome

Favourite hiding place: Behind the flour in the cupboard

Favourite snack: Rind of bacon, it's everything a growing rat needs

I want to help Cinderella because...: I don't like seeing people or rats being bullied or upset. I have to help her to be happy!

Do you ever argue or play? I always argue with Ears as he can be bossy, but we love to play our instruments

Teeth is always eating the seating

Name: Teeth

Hobbies: Eating furniture and peanut butter sandwiches, tapping Whiskers on the shoulder and running away when he turns around, and juggling

Favourite instrument: The vibraphone because I made it out of tooth picks and dental floss!

Favourite person to dress up as: An Ugly Sister because she likes to eat vol au vents

Favourite hiding place: I like hiding in socks. I don't like it when people wear my hiding place.

Favourite snack: Soup because whenever I have soup, Tail asks if it's "Soup-er"!

I want to help Cinderella because...: she let me sleep in a double bed once and brought me some cheese

Do you ever argue or play? We argue about what day it is. Ears always thinks it's Tuesday. We play Ker-Plunk and Guess Who. We used to play chess but Tail ate all the pieces by accident so now we use the chess board to play Twister

Tail loves to play hide and seek

Name: Tail

Hobbies: Swinging between pieces of furniture by my tail, swimming in leftover bowls of cereal, finding new places in the wall to nibble.

Instrument: Piano because it’s fun to run over all the keys, and there are excellent places to hide in it.

Favourite person to dress up as: Cinderella’s nice mother because she is MAGIC!

Favourite hiding place: Underneath the kitchen floorboards

Favourite snack: Frosties – even though Ears doesn’t like them.

I want to help Cinderella because… she is sad and always leaves us tasty bits of food out when the Stepmother isn’t looking

Do you ever argue or play?: We rats argue about what day it is because none us are very good at remembering. We play skipping using our tails, charades. Hide and seek, and bridge.

Tom Wolstenholme as Ears
Ears has to keep an ear out for trouble

What is your name?: Ears

Hobbies: Raiding the kitchen for food and the adventure of getting Whiskers out of whatever trouble he is in

Instrument: Double bass because it’s the best instrument to dance with

Favourite person to dress up as: The KING! He gets a sceptre!

Favourite hiding place: My go to spot is the old drain pipes under the floor boards

Favourite snack: Most enjoy chicken – full of protein (but we don’t get it very often)

I want to help Cinderella because… She is our first non-rat friend, but she’s just like us so we look after her like family

Do you ever argue or play?: When we are out in the open and someone comes in it’s a bit like hide and seek! I often have to keep the other rats quiet so I can keep an ‘Ear’ out for trouble.

Alicia McKenzie as Claws the rat
Claws loves to hide behind the tom-tom

What is your name?: Claws

Hobbies: Scratching at the furniture and banging on shiny silvery surfaces

Instrument: Vibraphone because sometimes you get to hit it really hard

Favourite person to dress up as: Thatun - she’s very loud and stompy but think there’s a good heart in there…somewhere

Favourite hiding place: Behind the TomTom (sometimes you can give it a little scratch before running away)

Favourite snack: Gravy! Delicious - nom nom slurp

I want to help Cinderella because… she's even more delicious than gravy. Not to eat, just to be around. She’s so kind and soft, and sometimes lets me sleep in her pocket.

Do you ever argue or play?: We all love hide and seek! And snuggling. We don’t argue but sometimes Ears is bossy!

Come and join the rats under the floorboards this festive seasonCinderella plays at the Octagon until 14 Jan 2017.