The Hound of the Baskervilles Wardrobe Blog #4

The Hound of the Baskervilles Wardrobe Blog #4

The final instalment of our wardrobe blog gives you a behind the scenes look at tech week!

Throughout this weekly blog series we have shown you our process for getting the costumes ready for a production and how they transform from page to stage.

In our final instalment we take you behind the scenes during the final week of rehearsals as the wardrobe team make the finishing touches to the costumes.

The wardrobe team ready for another busy week

All of the costumes have now been made and this final week will be where we make any necessary alterations and any additional tweaks are discovered as the actors wear them for the first time on stage - more about that below!

One of the finished garments - Cecille's cloak

During the final week of rehearsals we have three days of technical rehearsals. This is where every costume change is practised (alongside all the sound and lighting cues, positioning of set and furniture and use of props). 

As we go through the tech we get notes of small adjustments that need to be made to a costumes fit, as the actors test them out in scenes for the first time.

One example of this is a last minute zip was needed on one of the costumes.

Adding a last minute zip alteration

We also get notes about additional items needed (such as socks of a different colour) and extra things to make, to help things run more smoothly. Some of our notes have included:

Can you change the hair on the Yokel hat?

Mrs Barrymore’s magnets are not working.

Can you find a scarf for the Cabbie?

Watson’s suit jacket sleeves need lengthening.

We aim to have all the notes completed by the dress rehearsal, although the tweaks and changes will continue up to press night, to make the show as perfect as possible.

Check out our production gallery below to see some of the finished costumes.

Or even better, why not come and see the show and view the costumes in all their glory.

We hope you have enjoyed finding out about what goes on behind the scenes, more from the Wardrobe Department soon!

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