The Hound of the Baskervilles Wardrobe Blog #2

The Hound of the Baskervilles Wardrobe Blog #2

This week is all about patterns and construction!

In our new weekly Wardrobe blog, our wardrobe team take you behind the scenes as they create the outfits for The Hound of the Baskervilles.

In our last blog we showed you what we need to do in wardrobe to prepare for a production before rehearsals begin (check it out here)

This week we take you through the next stage which is constructing the costume patterns.

We welcomed our cast last week and rehearsals are now well under way. The actors took a short break from rehearsals so we could measure them for their costumes – we take approximately 20 different measurements for each actor – all in inches.

We then collate all the stock images we have sourced that we mentioned in last week’s blog and use them as a reference to start drafting costume patterns, using a combination of historical and modern pattern cutting techniques.

Most of the fabric is washed and ironed before cutting to pre shrink it.

Once the patterns are ready then cutting out and construction can begin.

The fit of each item is checked on the mannequin, before fittings with the actors which are due to take place next week.

The fit of each item is checked on a mannequin

As well as creating custom outfits we also tailor garments that we have in our wardrobe store.

We did first fittings of these items with the actors earlier this week - deciding on the perfect suit for Watson and also trying on hats, capes and pyjamas. 

Fittings always lead to alterations, so we had the task of hand hemming to shorten some sleeves.


Hand hemming pyjamas

We also spent time sourcing shirts, shoes and socks online, for approval by the shows costume designer, which will be ordered next week.

So all in all a busy week for the wardrobe team! Next week we will take a look at the techniques we use to assist with quick costume changes.