The cast of Little Voice on karaoke

The cast of Little Voice on karaoke

What would your karaoke song be? Find out what the cast of Jim Cartwright's The Rise and Fall of Little Voice would sing if they had the choice.

Mark Moraghan, Ray Say: My Karaoke song would be Mack The Knife. Can’t beat a big band.

Katie Elin-Salt, LV: Mulder and Scully - Catatonia

Sophia Horrocks, Deputy Stage Manager: Gloria Gaynor, I Will Survive

Sally George, Mari: Sweet Transvestite from Rocky Horror Picture Show

Sue Vincent, Sadie: Dead Ringer For Love (both parts)

Rob Hiley, Musical Director: Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson 

Akshay Gulati, Billy: Superstition- Stevie Wonder

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