Experience: Students get a taste of working in theatre

Experience: Students get a taste of working in theatre

Three students, Joe, Beth and me, from Bolton College were invited to see what the theatre is like ‘behind the scenes’, working in different departments.

Snap! Kerry and Joe with Tomas Wolstenholme

I am Kerry Ashford and I worked Front of House. I enjoyed the experience. It showed me how people are needed in the Front of House roles and it gave me more of an understanding of an area of the theatre that was new to me, rather than just being on stage.

Joe worked in the technical department. He felt this helped him to understand that without the lighting, any performance would lack emotion. He says he ‘really enjoyed the experience’.

Beth was in the education department, which at the Octagon is known as the Artistic Team. Here they plan education packs and tours to schools etc., and she realised that a lot of work is put in to making the tours interesting. This gave her more of an understanding of what the education team do.

"If we were to give this experience a rate out of 10 it would be a solid 10/10." 

Joe and Kerry with the cast of Cinderella

While we were at the Octagon, we sat in on a rehearsal for a relaxed performance of Cinderella, and we got to meet the cast and interact with them on a different level. I really enjoyed watching the actors’ techniques and the relationship between them all on stage. The performers had such a positive vibe and I loved meeting them. They remembered me the day after - WE EVEN GOT A FEW SELFIES WITH THE CAST! I enjoyed watching the show and never got bored of seeing them perform, they gave me shivers.

I started my work experience not knowing much about Front of House but once I started I felt so interested and involved. The advice that everyone gave to me helped me to become more knowledgeable about the service at the Octagon.

I would definitely go back and do it again for any show. The staff there are so friendly and are as enthusiastic as the three of us.

"I felt at home there and it felt like it’s where we belong"

If your school or college is interested in work experience, please contact participation@octagonbolton.co.uk