Stories from our Volunteers

Stories from our Volunteers

Some of our amazing volunteers share their stories about why they volunteer here at the Octagon


Duncan has been volunteering at the Octagon for 5 years, and has also been involved in amateur theatre. He likes that the Octagon provides an opportunity to stay in the theatre and meet people

It’s wonderful to see people smile and helping people when they need it. I just love the theatre and being a part of it. The atmosphere is always extremely positive. Community and people come for the ambiance and it’s nice to see younger people coming in – the next generation for the theatre.”


Lynn has volunteered for about 7 seasons now and feels like the Octagon is “such a warm, friendly place. I absolutely love being a part of the theatre, it helps you to meet people and make new friends.

She enjoys theatre and all kinds of productions, but one of the most important parts of volunteering is that “every shift you meet more lovely people. I love interacting with the public and making them feel welcome. All my jobs have centred on the public.”

Lynn particularly likes working evenings as well as Christmas and New Year performances, “there’s a lot of sparkle!


Anne has been volunteering at the Octagon for 15 years. She has always loved the theatre. “I like meeting people, and it’s a place where you see your friends coming into enjoy the theatre. It’s like a second home.”

Her favourite nights to work are press nights


Fred has been volunteering at the Octagon for 10 years and likes to work on the first nights of productions, “there’s a real buzz”. Fred has always dealt with the public “and they’re the most important part, and as long as they’re happy then you’re happy. You make people feel comfortable

Fred volunteers here once a month and is also happy to come in when people need to change their shifts. “Coming through the doors, and when people start coming in, it’s fantastic to see people excited to be at the theatre and to be seeing something new


Linda likes to work Christmas Eve matinees because she enjoys the excitement, “it’s a privilege to be a part of someone’s first theatre experience”. 

She says that during her time volunteering here at the Octagon she has made friends for life. She has gained skills that can be used in everyday life. “It teaches you a lot about living, and the training that they have had for people with disabilities or additional needs has really helped too.” And she enjoys some of the perks - “You get the opportunity to see backstage!

“It’s a blessing, it’s an enjoyable part of my life”

Lynn, volunteer

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