Our flexible auditorium

Our flexible auditorium

See how our auditorium changes from in the round to traverse!

The brand new Octagon still retains its flexible auditorium, meaning we can stage shows in various configurations, including: in the round, thrust, end on and a brand new configuration, traverse.

Check out the short time-lapse video below as our production team change the auditorium seating from in the round to traverse for the very first time!

In a traverse configuration the auditorium has seating banks on two sides of the theatre with the stage in between and audiences on each bank of seats looking across at each other.

In our old building, swapping the stage configuration would involve having to remove all the required seats individually, however, with our new flexible seating fixed on to seating banks, it is more time efficient for our production team. 

For traverse configuration, two seating banks need to be removed and are stored in our new scene dock while not in use.

Railings around the first-floor balcony are then installed, and there you have it – the stage is set for our first traverse production!