Octagon Reimagined - Photo Update - January 2019

Octagon Reimagined - Photo Update - January 2019

Our major redevelopment of our building is still ongoing and we want to keep you up to date with the progress of the project as we go.

The demolition of certain areas of the building is now complete and has been stripped back to the original footprint in 1967, ready for the ground works for the new sections to begin. 

Here is what the auditorium looks like currently. The walls will be staying the same but there will be a new seating system and seats to help improve audience comfort. Find out more about what else will be changing with the new building.

Here is the second floor of the current building with no walls or roof. Our staff visited their old offices on a recent staff tour of the site - a little bit chillier than they remember! 

Works will now begin on the new areas of the building. We are expected to reopen in early 2020 but still have the final £700,000 to raise - find out how you can support here. 

Images by Ray Jefferson, Bolton Documentary Photography